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Remote Support

THS is a leader in remote support technology and implementation.  THS was one of the first companies in Hamilton County to successfully implement and monitor Individual's through the use of sensors and cameras. We try to utilize a sensor based system as much as possible to avoid having a camera in the home to ensure privacy. 

Below are samples of what sensors are available to ensure health and safety.  The sensors report to a centralized hub in the home which transmit data to the cloud.  That information in continuously viewed by THS Support specialists to ensure no data is missed.  We work with the team to create an individualized plan to meet health and safety requirements.  Once a plan is in place, our Monitors know how to react in case of an alert.  A call tree is also put in place to ensure someone is there to receive the data and make the necessary calls.  We believe Remote Supports is a great way to increase independence of the Individual, save money and ensure health and safety!

Open / Close Sensors are used for Doors and Windows to monitor entering and exiting the home. 

Seat Occupancy sensors can be used to monitor bed and sitting information.  Normally used to track when someone is out of bed.

Water detection sensors can alert THS if there is excessive water in the home. Can be used to monitor bath and sink usage. 

Motion Sensors are used to detect motion in the home.  This allows us to get advanced notice and health and safety information. 

Temperature Sensors are used to monitor temperature in the home.  Can also be used to monitor stove use. 

Used to track Humidity levels in the home.  High Humidity could indicate a furnace issue. 

Emergency Buttons are used in case of emergency.  Clients can press the emergency button for immediate assistance. 

Used to detect high levels of CO2. Immediate call to emergency personnel would be warranted. 

Activity Sensors are triggered by vibration. Can be used to track a variety of different activities.  

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