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THS offers a variety of supported living services that strengthen and foster independence and personal growth. We pride ourselves in our innovation and creativity to help the individual's we serve get the most out of their program.

Supported Living

Medication Administration


We feature a full service medication management program which is designed to minimize errors and streamline the delivery of medications in the safest way possible. 

Many of our Clients make use of our web-based medication management system which all but eliminates medication errors.  This system is provided free of charge for all Clients and makes the delivery of and documenting of medications seamless.

Homemaker / Personal Care

THS staff is capable of providing a wide range of homemaker and personal care services for individuals.  These services may include activities such as; assistance with bathing and dressing, restroom assistance, meal preparation, assistance with mobility and light house cleaning. 


There is a great need for quality, affordable housing that accommodates individuals with developmental disabilities.  Through our interactions with property managers and owners of apartment buildings, we have developed relationships to serve our Clients and ensure the conditions that are often necessary for a safe and comfortable living environment.  Our goal is to seek out and provide an accepting and accommodating living environment that understands the financial, emotional and medical needs of our Clients.


Transportation is often a challenge for those in our community with disabilities. THS is committed not to allow transportation challenges to stand in the way of an individual's right to go out into our community.  Our staff is capable of transporting individuals we serve anytime they are scheduled to work.  We are also able to provide or arrange for accessible transportation to those who need it. 

Payee Services

We have a full service Finance Department for Clients requesting this service, which has experience in creating and maintaining Client budgets.  Each Client has their own separate bank account for their checks to be deposited into, and there is absolutely no intermingling of funds among roommates, other Clients, etc. 

Remote Supports

We currently Remote Support many individual's with much success.  We use a system of sensors and cameras to ensure health and safety.  We've found utilizing Remote Supports increases independence while decreasing dependence on staff. We just out own THS employees to monitor all our sensors and individual's so nothing is outsourced.  We believe Remote Supports will play a larger role in the DD system in the near future. 

Behavioral Services

Our Behavior Support Team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in working with those Individuals requiring a Behavior Support Plan.  We are dedicated to the continued development of creative and innovative strategies in our behavioral supports, and welcome team based focus for Individuals with Behavior Support Plans

Community Integration

We believe our Clients are an important part of their community and deserve the opportunity to interact with as many people as possible.  We encourage all of our Clients to take advantage of every opportunity they have to get involved and be individually recognized throughout their community.  Our team searches out these opportunities and communicates with the Individual on how they can take advantage of them.

Medical Appointments

Our clinical team is experienced in scheduling medical appointments and ensuring individual medical records are accurately maintained.  Our staff takes an active role in managing the many different Doctors and Specialists that provide medical services to an individual.  All of an Individual’s appointments are scheduled and verified by our clinical team, and families are notified of any changes or updates.

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